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Puget Sound Bank Reports Second Quarter Results

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Acquisition Fuels Loan Growth and Sets Stage for Increased Profitability

July 31, 2013 — Puget Sound Bank (OTCQB: PUGB), today reported net income for the second quarter 2013 of $476,416 or $.18 per share as compared to $533,126 or $.21 per share in the first quarter of 2013. This compares to $526,381 or $.21 per share for the year-earlier quarter.

Net income would have been approximately $645,000 or $0.25 per share before one-time costs resulting from Puget Sound Bank’s acquisition of Core Business Bank, completed on June 14, 2013.

“Not only did we grow our loan portfolio 28% year-over-year to $249.2 million as a result of the acquisition and 11% of organic loan growth, we grew it according to our strategic plan – primarily from strong commercial and industrial loans,” said Jim Mitchell, Puget Sound Bank president and chief executive officer. “Plus,” he continued, “Core Business Bank had no nonperforming loans, so combined with our very low level of nonperforming loans, we continue to build a stronger asset base.” The Bank reported 0.54% of total assets as nonperforming, down from 0.66% in the first quarter of this year and 0.75% one year ago.

“The board and executive management team will continue to grow the bank in a careful and prudent manner,” said Mr. Mitchell, “beginning with capitalizing on additional growth opportunities with the Bank’s new legal lending limit of $9 million and continuing to focus on lending to small-to-medium sized businesses.” Including acquired loans from Core Business Bank, Puget Sound Bank’s commercial and industrial loans (including owner-occupied real estate) account for approximately 67% of Puget Sound Bank’s portfolio as compared to 62% in the year-earlier quarter.

Read the complete earnings release.

July 31st 2013 |